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Tired of spending 20 hours a week designing new content for your social media calendar?
There is a way to cut it down to just 1-2 hours a week!!!

Are you a creative in digital marketing, social media marketing, web design, and/or graphic design? We get it. It sucks having to wear so many hats – especially when it comes to running your own marketing. 

That’s why we offer more business-boss-babe-workspace-type images that work well for any content you need to create for your own or your clients’ marketing. (No more scrolling through hundreds of fitness photos on other stock photos sites to find an image that works for your social media post about “strategizing”.)

In this Membership, you'll benefit from:

  • Canva templates for: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and ebooks, etc
  • Cut your design time by 100s of hours.
  • Create an image in less than a minute 
  • Get supercharged, ready-to-post carousel images that will help you become an authority in the creative business space
  • Save thousands of $$$ in outsourcing graphic designing 

Sample of Fully Editable Canva template Packs in the Membership Portal

Get early access to the Eck Media Designs Membership and lock down the prices for as long as you choose to renew.

We’ll add new stock photos and templates each month, letting you create even more beautiful content throughout the year!

Early Access Ends in:


Prices go up to it’s normal rate on September 1st! Lock in 41% off of monthly and yearly prices or take advantage of 50% off of the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

This membership is for you, if . . .


you are a creative professional

As a creative professional, you want your content to reflect the fantastic work that you provide your clients. Use our high-quality template designs to get dozens of images created in a matter of minutes. 

you Are limited on time, but need quality content

If you manage social media accounts, you know beautiful content is a MUST! However, if designing isn’t in your scope of work, it can take a long time and cut into time you could use on your money-making tasks. 

you Are picky with your visual content

Do you find yourself asking for revisions over and over again, when working with a graphic designer? You know what you want, but don’t have the time to design tens of versions. With templates, you can create various versions in less than 5 mins!

Get Full Access to our Canva templates library

with an Annual or Lifetime Membership

Create Your Social Media Calendar in a Weekend

Instagram stories and posts

Knock out a whole month of Instagram stories and posts in less than an hour with drag and drop templates

New Course/product/service Launch

Create dozens of designs for your launch strategy and get back to working on gaining new customers sooner

Pinterest Content Marketing

Up your Pinterest Game with hundreds of new pins to promote new products, services or your blog posts. Save money and time with drag & drop templates that will take you 1-2 minutes to create one design. 


All templates were created in Canva. That means you can have full access to these templates, even with a free account! Don’t have a Canva account yet? Create one here

Choose your plan

Choose a plan that works for you and get locked into EARLY ACCESS PRICING for any renewals. 


$ 15
Per Month
  • Access to Thousands of Exclusive Stock Photos
  • Instagram Story Canva Templates
  • Pinterest Story Canva Templates
  • Ebook Canva Templates
  • Design Tutorials
  • Month-to-Month Access
  • 41% Off Regular Price


$ 150
Per Year
  • Access to Thousands of Exclusive Stock Photos
  • Instagram Story Canva Templates
  • Instagram Story Canva Templates
  • Ebook Canva Templates
  • Design Tutorials
  • Premium Content
  • 12 Months of Access
  • 2 Free Months
  • 41% off Regular Price


$ 299
One-time Payment
  • Access to Thousands of Exclusive Stock Photos
  • Instagram Story Canva Templates
  • Instagram Story Canva Templates
  • Ebook Canva Templates
  • Design Tutorials
  • Premium Content
  • 50% off Regular Price

Want to give it a try for a week?


how do i get access to premium content?

Premium content is only available to annual and lifetime members. 

Can I use the templates with a free canva account?

Yes, you can use these templates even if you have the free Canva account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up here

What's included in premium content

Premium content includes: informative, ready-to-post Instagram carousel images, digital product launch Canva Templates, Instagram Story tutorial stock videos, and more!

Can I upgrade my account later?

Yes, you can upgrade your account at any time. 

Do I need to give credit when using photos and templates?

No, you are free to use the stock photos and templates for your own projects/marketing. Photos and templates cannot be resold.  

Do You offer refunds?

Because of the digital nature of the membership, we do not offer refunds for month-to-month access. We do offer a refund, minus 1 month cost, for lifetime/annual access if you contact us within 3 days.